Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Preview of past time...

Oh life is quite miserable lately....some sort of rules that i could not afford to follow...i guess, it will take some times for me to catch up with busy and hectic life style in teaching for me who has gone through a two-year smoothly relaxing journey and different styles of learning in UUM, i think it is a challenge for me to cope with the new environment. yezzaaaa!..who knows i willl get posted to an isolated area in Borneo...i dont even know how i can live see..everyday i hear everybody is complaining about every single thing that happens in their life. of course a person will always never satisfied with what they have. the grass is always greener on the other side even though the pesticides make them grow greener..huhu...but. in UUM actually, i learnt something very valuable..believe in your intuition..the decisions to do evertything is in your hand...some things that you have done might be terrible for you..but as you learn by making mistakes, you will grow and understand life...i want to recall my memories in UUM..

1. I passed the driving test at MUSTIKA MUHIBBAH after 8 times! I repeat 8 times! i took the test..ooh God was testing me with great trial..

2. I could borrow 10 books from the library...i love reading books (actually not really reading) i like the environment in the library- safe and sound

3. The lecturers are all different..there are some lecturers that i like, and some i could not even think about it...oh i hate favouritisme..

4. I SURVIVED staying at the block with other students from different's quite hard for me to socialize as I take little time to get mixed with other people

5. I enjoyed doing activities with my best friends at Tradewinds College-my lovely and respectable roomate-CIKIN, the naughty little HUSNA and WaHEEDa- the pervert and moody lady...(my couple)i dont know how to say haha...Syetul-the girl i love to have catfight with...and others who would help me in trouble.....

Thats all for now..ill continue next to go ..BUBuyyy

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