Sunday, May 03, 2009

“ A critical Reflection of My Teaching Practise”

“Teaching involves a search for meaning in the world. Teaching is a life project, a calling, a vocation that is an organizing centre of all other activities. teaching is past and future as well as present, it is background as well as foreground, it is depth as well as surface. Teaching is pain and humor, joy andanger. Deariness andepiphany. Teaching is world building, it is architecture and design, it is purpose and moral enterprise. Teaching is a way of being in the world that breaks through the boundaries of the traditional job and in the process redefines all lifeand teaching itself.”
-By William Ayers-

Professional statement after practicum

What have I achieved along this practicum? I finally understand myself, how I do my work, how I handle depression, how I managed to solve some problems, how I socialized with the teachers and staffs, how I tackle the students, how I make new friends, how I reflect myself, how I make decision in life, how I take care of my things, how I get a long with others, and how I see myself as a teacher in the future.
Finally I could adapt myself with the schools system, I understand how the system works. There are many aspects of life that I have discovered. Some are meaningful, some are too hard and painful to be remembered. And I don’t want to remember it.
Then, I have improved a lot in giving instructions and directions to students. I know how to communicate with students in a proper way. I also have improved my English laguage proficiency by giving opinions during the interviews and also my writing skills by doing the reflection. Thankgod for all that I got.
I have gained confidence and braveness to be a good teacher because I have solved most of the problems faced during the practicum. But I must not stop yet. The real challenge is waiting ahead when I become a real teacher. 90% of my target had been achieved. I must not be satisfied with what I have now. There are still lots of things that I have to improve. I have lots of other weaknesses that sometimes I could not even see. I must not be too proud of myself.
I have found they key to succeed. Now I want to open the door of success. Still I have to be guided along the way to the house of success. Experience is the best teacher. Love to learn, love to teach.

Profesional Statement during practicum

What did I experience along this practicum? I have learn about so many things. Love, hate, anger, joy, sorrow, pain, sweat, symphaty, how to care, how to share and how to learn, how to teach. I keep reminding myself to be patient and to have a strong heart to face the challenges. Like a song from Joey Mcintyre “Believe in yourself, reach down inside, the love you find will set you free, believe in yourself, you will come alive, have faith in what you do, you'll make it through”.
What I love the most is to be in class trying to deliver lesson and getting feedback from the students. Every single day I tried to adapt with the school culture and I try to find my own best style of teaching that is suitable and receivable by the students and at the same time the students learn somethoing that day. Finally the students could get along my style and they love to learn English in a fun way.
There are also some problems that I had to overcome. Once I cried for getting low marks for my first observation because I was not ready with a good lesson plan, then I tried to change and took it positively eventhough I felt like I wanted to stop from continuing this course. Sometimes I have problems with my friends around me, and sometimes I felt too tension with my students behaviour that made me believed that I had failed in teaching. But I try to hold on until I got flying colours, one thing that I never expected because may target was not to get ‘cemerlang’. I just wanted to pass the practicum and improve my teaching practise.
Then I realized that if we are organized and do our things responsibly and sincerely, we can have a great life. Being a teacher is not as easy as we think and also not as hard as we think. Now I know how to become a ‘teacher’. The most important thing is the time management and ourselves. Just believe that we can do it.
There can be miracles, when you believe, though hope is frail, its hard to kill, who knows what miracles, you can achieve, when you believe somehow you will,you will when you believe.
(When you believe- Mariah Carey)