Sunday, May 03, 2009

“ A critical Reflection of My Teaching Practise”

“Teaching involves a search for meaning in the world. Teaching is a life project, a calling, a vocation that is an organizing centre of all other activities. teaching is past and future as well as present, it is background as well as foreground, it is depth as well as surface. Teaching is pain and humor, joy andanger. Deariness andepiphany. Teaching is world building, it is architecture and design, it is purpose and moral enterprise. Teaching is a way of being in the world that breaks through the boundaries of the traditional job and in the process redefines all lifeand teaching itself.”
-By William Ayers-


Anonymous said...

Nurul, keep writing-Pn RA


Happy teaching. you are a teacher now. be a "dai'eyah".

Anonymous said...

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