Sunday, May 03, 2009

Professional statement after practicum

What have I achieved along this practicum? I finally understand myself, how I do my work, how I handle depression, how I managed to solve some problems, how I socialized with the teachers and staffs, how I tackle the students, how I make new friends, how I reflect myself, how I make decision in life, how I take care of my things, how I get a long with others, and how I see myself as a teacher in the future.
Finally I could adapt myself with the schools system, I understand how the system works. There are many aspects of life that I have discovered. Some are meaningful, some are too hard and painful to be remembered. And I don’t want to remember it.
Then, I have improved a lot in giving instructions and directions to students. I know how to communicate with students in a proper way. I also have improved my English laguage proficiency by giving opinions during the interviews and also my writing skills by doing the reflection. Thankgod for all that I got.
I have gained confidence and braveness to be a good teacher because I have solved most of the problems faced during the practicum. But I must not stop yet. The real challenge is waiting ahead when I become a real teacher. 90% of my target had been achieved. I must not be satisfied with what I have now. There are still lots of things that I have to improve. I have lots of other weaknesses that sometimes I could not even see. I must not be too proud of myself.
I have found they key to succeed. Now I want to open the door of success. Still I have to be guided along the way to the house of success. Experience is the best teacher. Love to learn, love to teach.

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