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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Holiday is a bonus...

I really enjoy holidays. Especially when I can spend my holidays joyfully and at the same time it turns out to be the memorable event in parts of my life throughout the year...Well...some prefer to rest at home doing nothing than watching Tv while sitting on the couch having snacks and cracking jokes and chit chatting with family members..that is what i usually do before and i still love it.The risk is it spoils my diet..haha..unhealthy diet that leads to obesity..(please don't follow this bad habit) can go for a picnic, strolling at the park, gardening, shopping or whatever...just fill up the free time so that you wont feel the holiday is too long...Lucky me this short holiday, i guess, because i feel that i don't get enough time to put up my weight because i had gone through so much traveling activities with friends was fun and challenging.