Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lucky me! (first draft)

It was a sunny morning. Instead of taking bus to town, Ida and I decided to go shopping at YAWATA Supermarket by motorbike. It was a tough ride of course for about 20 minutes before we reached the supermarket.

Later we decided to fill in the petrol as it had almost reached the empty level. Who knows we might get trapped in the traffic or stuck in the middle of the road later? Carefully, I ride my motorbike to the edge of the road and enter the petrol station area. I saw a few men washing cars at the gas pump. So I straight away wait for my turn behind a motorcycle. Ida got down from the bike to pay the money.

As i started to think of owning a car in the future, the pump man finished filling in my motorbike oil tanks. Without thinking much, I switched on the bike and pressed the gear to speed. I don't know why, the motorcycle suddenly moved towards the edge of the other side of the petrol station area where there was a long but not too deep drain, bushes and gate.

Oh gosh! What was happening to me! I could not even think to press the brake or grasping the handbrake. I don't know why i just let the motorbike carried away by itself to the end of the area.

I closed my eyes. 'Bang!' a crashing sounds from motorbike awoke me as I felt like flying away from the bike to the air. Bump! Ouch! I landed on a grassy ground. I felt like my pant was torn because something sharp was pressing my thigh and legs. It was a dry branch of flower trees planted near the drain. Fortunately I wore helmet and my precious head was safe. I glad I was not faint or bleeding. As I tried to get up, an old man who I just called 'pak cik', and my friend Ida, hurried up towards me. I was alive. Thank god!

He lifted up m my motorbike and asked us to rest near the workshop right beside the petrol station. All the mechanics were watching us with anxiety of severe injuries. What a shame. I just simply got an accident at a petrol station. Actually the accident was so funny. But then I started to feel trauma. I tried really hard to overcome the feeling because i got to get back before sunset.

I was started to getting nervous as I discovered that the tyre has punctured and I didn't know how to replace the new tyre. And also that was not my motorbike. It's Syetul’s motorbike, who has gone back to the village for holiday. I was not supposed to involve her motorcycle with any miscellaneous. I tried to calm myself by smiling and relaxing.

Maybe the God Almighty wanted to help me because that pak cik was a mechanic. He brought a spare tyre and started to repair the bike. Then, he had finished his work. We paid him RM10.00. Shivering with fear I started the journey back to the hostel.

Praying hopefully the motorcycle won’t make trouble again. We went for lunch at the nearest restaurant to reduce the trauma.

Lucky me! I was still alive. God loves me. Ill be much more careful next time. Ive learned my lesson. It was one of the funniest accident and memories that ever happened to me. Ha! Ha!Ha!